A Room With a View: 10 Light-Filled Kitchens to Covet Feb 12, 2020

10 covet-worthy kitchens whose styles differ, but all have one thing in common— Marvin Window views to swoon over! Brought to you by Marvin

Kitchen remodel with Marvin Windows

Brought to you by Marvin

Extending the view in one of the home’s most popular rooms.

Whether your style is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, a kitchen tends to be the heart of the home. Often a central spot where family and friends gather to socialize and celebrate, your kitchen deserves a view as spectacular as the festivities it hosts.

Marvin rounded up 10 covet-worthy kitchens whose styles differ, but all have one thing in common—views to swoon over while you’re prepping, hosting or relaxing.

While casement windows tend to be a popular choice for ease of operation while reaching over a sink or counter, double hung windows can add a hint of classic charm. And patio doors, floor-to-ceiling windows or specialty shapes can transform a space into a true indoor/outdoor oasis.

Pair creative window choices with the latest trends like light quartz or marble countertops, contrasting paint on an island, or open shelving, and you’ve got a space that’s a true showstopper.

Featured Marvin Products (from top, L-R)

  1. Ultimate Casement
  2. Ultimate CasementUltimate Awning
    Ultimate Sliding French DoorUltimate Specialty Shapes
  3. Ultimate Casement
  4. Ultimate Casement
  5. Ultimate Casement with Simulated Divided Lites
  6. Elevate Double Hung
  7. Ultimate CasementUltimate Awning
  8. Essential Casement
    Essential Awning
    Elevate Sliding French Door
  9. Ultimate Casement Push Out
  10. Ultimate Casement

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