Lumber, Structural & Specialty Panels


BMD carries a strong line of market specific lumber products.

We have aligned ourselves with some of the best quality manufacturers in the business. Lumber can vary dramatically between one manufacturer and another, but you can rest assured that our emphasis is always upon quality.

We carry a full line of 2x4 and 2x6 dimension and stud lumber for the new construction industry. Additionally, we stock the most popular sizes and lengths of pressure treated lumber, and fire retardant treated lumber. For the retail lumber yards and home centers, we distribute a full line of top quality Pine boards and furring strips.

Most of our products are graded under the stringent standards provided by the Western Wood Products Association. The WWPA grade stamp assures consistent quality under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Structural Panels

BMD Forest Products offers a full range of structural plywood and  for all of your construction needs. We have partnered with top quality manufacturers.

Plywood Sheathing

Plywood Sheathing is the traditional standard for residential and commercial construction. Primary construction of these panels is Douglas Fir, renowned for its strength and stability. Time tested Plywood Sheathing remains the industry standard in many markets, and its performance and durability qualities are second to none.

Plywood Underlayment

BMD offers a variety of Underlayment as well as Sturd-I-Floor grade panels for the discerning builder. These panels have a smooth sanded face with solid top veneers, resulting in an excellent substrate for residential and commercial floors. Most of these panels have a tongue and groove edge treatment to promote tight panel layup.


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